Giovanni or Gio as he calls himself. He is a native of Philadelphia, PA, but lives in the Greater Boston area. He graduated from Saint Joseph’s University and Drexel University. He completed a BA in Literature and a Doctorate in Education. He immensely thanks his friends and professors for inspiring him to follow his dreams.

Being a writer is one of them. He’s passionate about making an impact and a difference in people’s lives and in their communities.

Gio enjoys keeping healthy and learning about people and places. In his spare time when he’s not working or writing, he runs and hikes. He also enjoys spontaneous trips to familiar and new places. After all, inspiration happens when we interact with our communities, and are open to different perspectives.

Gio is working on another novel and play as well. The second novel is set in a dystopian place named Mystic Falls Run. Detectives are dispatched to a familiar place. They soon figure out that their current case is similar to a prior one. The play is a comedy drama of the US Public School System. Scholars from a fictional city, Center Mill Valley discuss some of their challenges. However, the adults often mistake the Scholars’ challenges as thoughtless.

Gio asks that we are kind to each other, and spread the word about Forgotten America and keep an ear out to his upcoming writings.

To all readers and fans, be inspired to always follow your dreams, and lead with your mind and heart in all that you do.

About the book

Forgotten America informs a historic narrative of a totalitarian regime that seems unstoppable. Familiar accounts of distorted truth, disinformation, oppression, complacency, and military state are discovered and re-discovered. Don’t be surprised to reveal other familiar and unfamiliar themes.

What if everything you knew was erased? A piece of yourself – just vanished. Unbelievable but terrifying. For Carlos, he cannot forget – no matter how much he wants to. How it happened is a nightmare he nervously rewinds in his head – afraid that the nightmare will happen again.

Carlos and his newly found friend, Ezekiel, travel uncharted adventures to a place many forgot. Their fragmented memories weave brokenly together after each page. Carlos and Ezekiel perplexedly understand how important the past really is at every encounter.  Captivating but terrifying situations these characters explore from the depths of their observations. They live and relive these events, and yet question whether the events are real. They endure not just their memories of the past, but endure how much alike and
dissimilar the present day.  Forgotten America is a must read book that will transform our thinking for the better


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